9jawebhouse provides a large variety of web services, our services are tailored, affordable and user driven. We offer secure certificates services for website authentication and security. Our websites are 100% developed based on user specifications, timely and hosted 12 months for free.


Our Services Do you have an on going software project or you plan to start one but not sure on your approach ? our software consultation service team are here to assist you in the successful completion of your software projects.


Website Management

9jawebhouse offers users who owns or plan to own a website but lacking the appropriate know-how needed to make the most of their website comprehensive package that covers  every aspect of  website operations.

Make more Traffic

9jawebhouse offers users SEO services that leads traffic to the website

Three steps website

Our website development plan is reduced into three steps for users, step one, purchase your desired website package

step two;  slect the full specification of your website. Step three;   submit your specification  then wait for your website to be brought live.


Host Your Website

9jawebhouse offers flexible shared  web hosting services from ? 12.00 per day,  our dedicated servers are are also flexible on demand  

Web Hosting Space

9jawebhouse provides cloud solution for web applications hosting