25Mar, 2019
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Owning a website in Nigeria

Browsing the internet with specific search on owning a website In Nigeria  one is overwhelmed with results showing the cost of owning or building a website in Nigeria, there are lots of cost analysis blogs but none of the blogs  pay attention to the facts that over 95% of Nigerian businesses and individuals  are not conversant with the full pro of owning a website , things like how owing a website can greatly improve the revenue of businesses and even private individuals. Millions of Nigerians still believe that being in social media and marketing there is enough.

Social media marketing is good  and can be at times profitable but the facts still stands that having only a social media presence  is in web-sense like a street hawking and does not ensure or show brand authenticity  and having a website gives your follower or clients a home just as the name implies “home page “: With little knowledge on how to implement website for an enhanced profitability  it is no wonder the cost of owning a website becomes an issue of great thinking by businesses and private individuals alike.

Another factor is that Nigeria like the UK and USA has a high number of self-employed people but in the case of Nigeria the greater  percentage of the self-employed individuals are a little less enlightened, the lack of enlightenment amongst the self-employed have given rise to a common mindset that only really big companies can and should own website and not small businesses like grocery stores, mechanical or vulcanizing workshops, it is however, sad to say that due to these mindset many of the small business in Nigeria have  remained stagnant in growth and most even face extinction.

Own your business or personal website to show the world your philosophy, register your business brand in the World Wide Web to show the world your authenticity, stand out, stand tall, and control your market flow. With the high cost of website development out there and the bad quality website designs riddled with template/theme with no real working function it is no wonder why small businesses would still remain sceptical about owning a website.

Well it would seem that I have great news for owners and prospective owners of websites, a new company just started hitting the Nigerian WWW space that offers absolute free website hosting, the offer users the chance to fully specify the looks and feel of their wish website and deliver the end product after one month of user submitting the specification, the website is https://www.9jawebhouse.com , 9jawebhouse is a place for both website professionals and novice alike. The website management service provided by 9jawebhouse helps clients to optimize income flow from their websites.

https://www.9jawebhouse.com also offers a 100% refund on un-approved delays while on client’s website project, that is done via its payment resolution service. With the daily hustle in big cities in Nigeria small businesses like grocery sellers, bakeries and even food vendors miss out on the chance to receive order from  customers who´s jobs/ businesses do not allow them to get their required groceries on time , therefore the possibility of having a nearby grocery store where he can order/ reserve his or her required  groceries would be beneficial to both the customer and the owner of the business .

The use of websites by small and large businesses alike would go a long way to reduce the load of stress caused by the current infrastructure damages as customers would be able to place and cancel orders in real time, unlocking of geolocational barriers is the only way businesses in these modern days can meet up, considering the distance people move it would only make sense for businesses to make similar stretch in outreach and service outreach areas.

As a disclaimer, I only mentioned https://www.9jawebhouse.com because I based my search on Nigerian free web hosting service, so I do not work or neither am I in any way associated with anyone that works there. That being said I would also like to point out that this blog barely scratches the surface of the pros of owning your website.


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