25Mar, 2019
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The role of web technology in Nigerian business development

Nigeria, a country situated on the Gulf of Guinea with an estimate population of an upward of 190.9 million citizens as at 2017, making Nigeria the largest black country in the world, the country is vast with natural reserves which includes also a high number of mineral resources. The social life in Nigeria is as always very cordial and receptive to foreigners and neighbour alike.

The Nigerian business environment on the other hand is more of a quiver of untapped business advantages riddled in a series of infrastructural mismanagement, the infrastructural disadvantage in Nigeria creates a massive loop in Nigerian business growth statistics. Transportation in Nigeria is hectic for commuters, car owners and businesses alike.

The challenges faced by Nigerian during major festive seasons in Nigeria is becoming an ever growing put-off for most potential spenders because the time spent in getting to a desired market remains ever increasing , the issue of mobility faced by millions of Nigerians on a daily basis is not just based on the travel time but also the ever fluctuating cost of mobility thus for some people shopping is fast becoming an expensive luxury.

There is also the issue of a paralytic electrical supply with effect that cuts across the whole Nigerian business geosphere with businesses and even private individuals spending millions of dollars in alternate sources of electrical power generation, the most affected business area are businesses with perishable goods because they need electricity to preserve their goods.

One sector of business that has grown formidable in Nigeria is the mobile telecommunication industry, with a market platform of over 100 million users with each user having an average of two mobile device per user. One would normally expect that this would be a welcomed advantage to businesses but unfortunately that so far have not been the case in Nigeria till date.

The increasing usage of mobile networks by Nigerians of every age and demographic can be very instrumental in the alleviation of infractions resulting from the depreciation of the current infrastructure. Some businesses have started utilizing the benefit of this new found technological advantage, however, the utilization of the pros of these aspects of the Nigerian economy is somewhat restricted to buying and selling, in other words ecommerce businesses.

The ecommerce business sector in Nigeria though thriving is still faced with the limitations of business area coverage as there still exist the mindset that web businesses deal on just a specific product type, range and location. There are some with the opinion that some business sectors are not able to harness due partly to the lower educational requirements in such businesses or a meagre business net-worth, people with these opinions are not entirely wrong but however, there still exist a second school of thought with a considerable support.

Although the usage of mobile technologies over the past ten years have been in the increase, unfortunately, the positive beneficial aspect of web services (Pros) is still relatively known or even explored. For example, if a farmer plans to implement some web services for his/ her farm then the farmer´s main target audience becomes the international market, mainly due to the comfort of a more organized international marketplace.

The lack of interest on the part of Nigerian businesses with web presence to invest in the improvement of   supply and demand chain infrastructure, this unwillingness only goes to further exacerbate current issues faced by ecommerce web-based businesses in Nigeria. The current trends in Nigeria shows a 10% reduction in the number of self-employed individuals as of 2017 from the levels in 1991 according to index mundi.

The proper usage of web technologies in Nigeria would see the current downwards spiral of trust in self-employment in Nigeria, some may argue that it is the cost of procurement of these services that is a deterrent from use. 2019 is proven to be a good year for both small businesses and large alike with more companies now offering affordable web service. In  Nigeria virtually any and all web service can be gotten online, even business owners who are not vast in any web service can also procure web management services online which would greatly enhance their business outreach.


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